Self-Sabotaging Sagas: I Have to Be PERFECT with Perfectionism Reform Pro Audrey Holst


From the outside looking in, the “need to be perfect” doesn’t seem so bad. Many perfectionist have accomplished impressive feats.

But if you suffer from the need to be perfect, you know accomplishing those goals can leave you feeling burned out, manic, full of dread, over-stressed, and sometimes just plain crazy.

You feel that people will leave you, fire you, and talk about you if you get it wrong, and it’s almost impossible to finish a project because it will never be good enough.

Your ducks need to be in a row at ALL times.

Don’t let anyone know that you feel panicked inside, and for God’s sake, don’t you dare let anyone see you looking less than perfect.

When others make a mistake you wonder how they could possible live with themselves.

The possibility that the world will come crashing down when you make a mistake makes you feel like the hunted prey of a demon.

Hell, sometimes you can’t even get started because someone else already did it well, and how could you possibly top that?

Or maybe you just don’t think you’re good enough to do it right, so why try? Pull the blanket over your head and just make it all go away.

Deep down you know it’s not supposed to be this hard. And you’re right.

The need to be perfect can be transformed and balanced.

Join me and Perfectionism Reform Pro, Audrey Holst as we discuss the ins and outs of perfectionism on live on Self-Sabotaging Sagas.


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